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При QTimer::singleShot()вызове консоли говорит: Object::connect: No such slot QApplication::timeout() in [path to the main.cpp file] Object::connect: (receiver name: 'QtTests'). Я понятия не имею, как иметь дело с этим. Заранее спасибо. Не находит slot при компиляции. - C++ Qt - Киберфорум пишет будто слот не существует, но он есть. Таймер в консольном приложении. Базы данных. No such slot QCoreApplication::f() in ... Необходимо реализовать класс унаследованный от QCoreApplication в котором определить слот и таймер?А зачем ты NULL используешь??? QTimer::singleShot(2000, QCoreApplication::instance (), SLOT(quit())); Где класс определяешь? C++ QTimer:: singleShot() ищет указанный слот в… Когда вызывается QTimer::singleShot(), консоль говорит: Object::connect: No such slot QApplication::timeout() in [path to the main.cpp file] Object::connect: (receiver name: 'QtTests'). Я понятия не имею, как с этим бороться. Заранее благодарю вас.

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Qt - RIP Tutorial Singleshot Timer with Lambda function as slot. 84. Using QTimer to run code on main thread. 84. Basic Usage ... Use the content presented in this book at your own risk; it is not guaranteed to be correct nor accurate, please ..... blocks the event loop forever (such as busy while), the slots could never be called. In this situation ... Trying Qt. Seems great. What downsides am I missing? : cpp - Reddit

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Function Pointer Syntax / Lambda support for QTimer ... to have function pointer syntax and lambda support for QTimer::singleShot() as ... There are no open Gerrit ... [QTBUG-69800] QTimer::singleShot() requires a non-const ... The documentation of QTimer::singleShot() states that the context/receiver should be a const pointer to QObject. This is consistent with e.g. QObject::connect(). QTimer::singleShot and QMetaMethod::invoke - CODE Solved In some Qt examples, I see they use QTimer::singleShot(0, this , SLOT(funcA())), why not to call the slot funcA directly QTimer — PySide v1.0.7 documentation - GitHub Pages You can also use the static QTimer.singleShot() function to call a slot after a specified interval: ... does not support such high-level features as single-shot ...

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mBusy = true; ... QTimer::singleShot(1000, this, SLOT(slotDeadTimePassed()) Qt Sūtra: 2010 This ensures that applications developed on this platform will continue to be compatible with future evolutions of Symbian as well as upcoming MeeGo products such as the Nokia N9.

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don't code today what you can't debug tomorrow: 2007 FBI believes Hanssen is a double-agent, working for the Soviet but there is no proof. They want to catch Hanssen red-handed, hence the need for constant surveillance. Arbitrary Qt extensions with Go QML | Labix Blog int main(int argc, char *argv[]) { (.. UbuntuOne::SigningExample *example = new UbuntuOne::SigningExample(&a); QTimer::singleShot(0, example, SLOT(doExample()) (.. } SigningExample::SigningExample(QObject *parent) : QObject(parent … QProcess Class