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Blackjack - Do you take "even money"? | ... When it is offered, "even money" gives you a lower payout, but guarantees they pay out on a tie with the dealer when usually you would get nothing. Do you take "even money" when it is offered, or take the risk and go for the higher payout? Even money Blackjack? - Gambling - Wizard of Vegas I see now that when you have Blackjack and the dealer has an ace showing that you have the option of insurance or to take "even money" blackjack. When, if at all, would this be a wise decision? Any stats to go with it would be cool too. thanks. Do you buy insurance on your non blackjack hands when the dealer shows an ace? Taking even money on a blackjack when dealer shows an A Taking even money on a blackjack when dealer shows an A If this is your first visit to the Blackjack Forum , be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You will have to r e g i s t e r (free) before you can post: click the r e g i s t e r link to proceed. Taking even money at 6-5 blackjack - John Grochowski

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Blackjack - Wikipedia Video blackjack game rules are generally more favorable to the house; e.g., paying out only even money for winning blackjacks. All You Have to Know About Blackjack Insurance & Even Money What's Insurance and Even Money in Blackjack? Can it save you money or will just make you loose? When you should take Blackjack Insurance and when not.

If even money is accepted, there’s 100% chance of a return of the amount of the original bet; the player’s expected win is one unit.I’m thinking it has to do with the comparison of taking even money to the insurance bet itself: if a player holding a non- blackjack hand takes insurance, and the dealer...

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Blackjack always take even money – Do not miss your chance to make some real easy money with this top notch online casino. Make your wallet grow fat by winning some easy cash with this online casino. There is no other place where you can gamble and win better than this one. Blackjack Insurance vs Even Money | Online Casino News Blackjack Insurance vs Even Money. When the dealer has an Ace, players have the option of making an Insurance bet. This wager wins when the dealer makes blackjack, and loses on any other non-picture card. Most players know this wager is not a very good one, with a house edge of around 8%. “DO YOU WANT EVEN MONEY” - By Henry Tamburin On the surface it looks like taking even money guarantees that you will win the hand even if the dealer ends up with a blackjack. You bet say $5, take even money on your blackjack, and you are instantly paid another $5. Pretty straightforward. The vast majority of blackjack players take even money.


No. As long as you stand to lose only the original wager you should play assuming the dealer does not have a blackjack. If the dealer does have blackjack there is nothing you can do about it anyway. No. As long as you stand to lose only the original wager you should … How To Play Blackjack (The Complete Guide) - Blackjack The dealer will bust, and they will pay even money (1 times the wager) to each hand that is still in play on the table. or…. The dealer will make a hand (17 through 21). If your hand is still in play, it’s a simple battle of who has the higher hand. If the dealer has the higher hand, they sweep your bet.